{Newborn} Isen Lee Talbert

We welcomed our sweet baby boy, Isen Lee, on 1/11/18. He was born at 11:05am, weighing

7lbs and was 18 1/2 inches long.

We are so in love- like, this is an understatement. Big brothers are doing great (for the most part) and we are slowly settling in to our new norm as a family of five. Jt and I are officially out-numbered and we are feeling it. Ha! It's hard. It's easy for pictures to give off a sense of "having it all together"...well, we don't. Not even close.

But we are so happy Isen is here and healthy. Soren is in love with him...Aksel is still deciding. We made progess this morning when Aksel walked over to his bassinet and said, "Hey, baby". We are getting there. Thank you for the prayers, love, visits, meals, phone calls and texts.

We feel so supported and so loved.

Welcome, little man.

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