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Multi-family Session

How special to get a whole extended family together for a photoshoot! All the cousins, the grandparents & siblings- this makes for a very special gift option. 


Multi-family info

This is the best option for large groups.  Why? Because each individual household family will get their OWN mini-session! ($250 value)

So, this is how pricing works:  For each individual family, it is $250.  For example, if there are 3 household represented, it would be $750.

If this is a gift for grandparents, they are free, they are not charged for the household fee of $250.

What you get:

- 45 minute session

-1 location

- We will discuss and cater to your specific group

TOTAL: $250 for each individual household 

Please see above for details.  Call with any questions. 


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